Policies and Guidelines

For the safety and comfort of all

  • Please do not approach, touch, or feed the livestock. Animals are unpredictable; horns, hooves, and teeth may cause injury.
  • Walk carefully -- Village roads and floors are like those of early New England.
  • Some of our historic buildings cannot accommodate strollers.
  • Eating and drinking are not permitted in buildings.
  • OSV is a smoke-free Village - including cigarettes, e-cigarettes and spit tobacco. 
  • Please do not walk or climb on fences, walls, or trees.
  • While service animals may be admitted to the Village, we regret that pets are not allowed in the Village.


Pets are not allowed within the Village with the exception of service animals and OSV Member's Dogs on select Dog Days.

RVs and Campers

There is ample free parking with spaces reserved for larger vehicles. While there are no facilities for overnight camping at the Village, there are a number of nearby campgrounds. Learn more.

Photography/Videotaping and Commercial Activities

Photography in the museum is permitted for personal use only (please no tripods) and should not interfere with other visitors' experiences in the Village.  Single cameras are allowed, but more elaborate photography setups are not permitted without advance permission and arrangements with the OSV Marketing and Communications department.  Commercial and press photography, commercial artwork, as well as other activities resulting in the creation of images from Old Sturbridge Village, are prohibited without prior written authorization from the Marketing and Communications Department. During your visit, authorized photographers, or videographers, may record your image to be used for Old Sturbridge Village publicity purposes.


No weapons are permitted on Old Sturbridge Village's property with exemptions from this policy to include all law enforcement agents.