Cover Photo: Kimberly Durant

Join us as we welcome 2021 – the 75th Anniversary Year of Old Sturbridge Village with a new commemorative calendar. In early 2020, we launched a photography contest and, as a result, we received more than 400 entries! It was hard to choose just 12 winners, so we expanded the calendar to 18 months. We also added even more photos on each page as a complement to the black and white photography from our archives. These photos celebrate the beautiful New England seasons of the Village and are combined with vintage photos of years past.

Ring in the New Year with a beautiful keepsake calendar for $19.46 and save a bundle, on a bundle of five – just $75, and your loved ones will appreciate this thoughtful holiday gift.

The proceeds from this calendar will support the mission of Old Sturbridge Village as we enter our 75th year and beyond! 

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Photo Contest Winners

Each of these images is featured on one month of the calendar.

Cooper Shop on a snowy Day
January 2021 | April Brown
Potter at work
February 2021 | Karen Geaghan
3 chickens sitting together
March 2021 | Lynn Eckhert
Bottoms of handmade shoes
April 2021 | Meagan Fedigan
Gowns on display
May 2021 | Jacquelyn Mushinsky
A little girl runs in the Salem Towne Garden
June 2021 | Vanessa Noyes
Citizens Parade on the 4th of July
July 2021 | John Collins
3 smiling kids in 1830s costume
August 2021 | Lesley Deyesu
Inside the Asa Knight Store
September 2021 | Jane Milligan
Fall scene in the Salem Towne Garden
October 2021 | Candace Imming
Table with apples and a cookbook
November 2021 | James Kempskie
Tending a bonfire
December 2021 | Bridget Buchieri
Horse Drawn wagon on a snowy day
January 2022 | Erin Fish
Spinning in the Fenno House
February 2022 | Blair Boudreau
two baby lambs
March 2022 | Stacia Caplanson
Blacksmith at work
April 2022 | Mary Boucher
A girl runs in the field
May 2022 | Joanna Telepciak
Sheep in the Bixby field
June 2022 | Alexander Werner

Honorable Mentions

These photos are places throughout the calendar; photos may be cropped differently than they appear in the calendar.

Cooper at work
Lori Barrett
Costumed historian sits with a guest
Ronald Beaupre
2 girls in costume
Lisa Boragine
Parsonage exterior
Helen Boyle
Picking wool
Hailey Brewer
Rocking Chair and doll
Marcia Callahan
At the sink
Gina Campbell
Salem Towne Barn
Darcy Coderre
Winter scene
Alexis Conte
Sheep running in fall
Lorraine Cosgrove
Mill view
Sylvia Dunne
Harvested veggies on display
Tracy Dunstan
Laundry at Freeman
Kimberly Durant
Two boys learning about the maple sugaring process
Leah Flynn
Jan Forest
Two men in costume
William Gorman
Cheese and green coffee beans
Rochelle Gorts
Field of Flags
Jeff Hesselton
Trick or Treat!
Barbara Kalber
Water pump
Danielle Keil
Under the Grape Arbor
Krauss Herbert
A dad carries his kid on his shoulders
Marjorie Light
Freeman Farmhouse in winter
Bonnie Lucente
Two sheep face to face
Carly Mathiau
Herbs drying
Carrie Montgomery
Singing in the meetinghouse
Aradhana Mudambi
Freeman Barn
Mary Newth
Tin wares
Natalie Northrop
Inside Fitch
Tina Pappas
Large Christmas Tree
Frances Pearson
Coopering stuff
Deborah Petersen
Cooper shop reflected in a puddle
Ron Phillips
Tin pails
Scott Porter
Carding Mill closeup
Graham Robinson
Discovery Adventures kids
Gerald Sharp
Water pump and stage coach
Danielle Shaughnessey
Wintery scene by Pottery
Mary Tamburri
Working in the Freeman Kitcheb
Paul Thibodeau
Karen Turner
A boy watches a farmer and oxen work in the field
Tammy Wagner
Elizabeth Waters
Fenno and Fitch Houses on a Winter Day
Marge Webster
calf close up
Roy Webster
Dyed yarn hanging to dry
Michael West
David Westlake
Tree Trail
Cindy Wilder
Re-enactor with a horse during Redcoats and Rebels
Christine Wunch
Blacksmith Shop Exterior
Stacey Wyman