Date: 1830-1840

Location: New England, Worcester County, Sterling, Massachusetts

Artist: Joel Pratt

Materials: Unidentified wood, paint

One of a set of 6 grain painted plank seat side chairs. “Thumb-back” posts w/ wide crest rail and 2 narrower cross rails above 4 turned spindles set between seat and bottom cross rail. Shaped plank seats. Front and rear (box) stretchers are set above side stretchers. All retain original black and red “rosewood” graining. Bamboo turnings on legs and stretchers highlighted w/ 3 bands of ochre striping which does not go all the way around. Ochre hand-striped band along the seat grove curves across seat in front of post and spindles. Spindles have wide gold-colored band on bulbous turning w/single ochre stripe above & below. Side posts have wide yellow band running vertically for 3/4 of length surrounded w/single yellow line. Crest rail has metallic powder stencil with foliate motifs at center flanked by leaves. Cross rails have stylized foliate design stenciled in metallic powder w/double line of yellow striping at each end.

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