Date: 1800-1830

Location: New England

Artist: Unknown

Materials: Earthenware

Measurements: H: 10 1/2"

Stoneware jug with a footed base; sides curve inward slightly and then curve outward and continue up until approx. one half of the height and curve inward towards the neck. The neck is circumscribed by an incised line directly below the lip. Three incised lines circumscribe the body 9.1 cm from the top. The lower end of the handle is laid onto the body and there is cobalt blue on the body where the handles are attached. On the front of the body is an incised and cobalt blue painted decoration of a two-masted schooner with nine people inside and an American flag. The cobalt blue is dark making the design contrast with the body tones. The overall color of the body is brown, and the salt glaze is of medium thickness. The interior is covered with Albany slip.

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