Date: circa 1850

Location: New England, Windham County, Thompson, Connecticut

Artist: Unknown

Materials: Wood, iron, leather, cloth

Measurements: L (with shafts): 185"; W (hub to hub): 75"; H: 64 1/2"

Four-wheeled black painted hearse with rectangular wooden box body mounted on transverse iron elliptical springs secured to front and rear axle; 4 double arched windows, slightly arched roof covered with light canvas; seat notch cut out of front of box & wooden foot rest mounted on iron brackets on front of box; box constructed of light 1/2″ stock nailed to inner frame. Under carriage of wooden axles connected by central wooden reach braced by 2 long diagonal iron braces to rear axle; ends of axles fitted with wooden hubs, segmented felloes (6); axles are depressed at mid-section to accommodate elliptical springs; front wheels pivot on an iron fifth wheel; small colonettes on interior of box between windows suggestive of earlier style hearse.

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