Date: 1810-1830

Location: New England, Worcester, Warren, Massachusetts

Artist: Unknown

Materials: Cotton mull

Measurements: L (overall): 57"; W (overall): 37 3/4; W (waist): 11 3/4"

Woman’s one-piece white gown in the Empire style. Made of plain weave white cotton mull. Open neck. Front edge of neckline encases a drawstring. Bodice is gathered along the drawstring in the back. The drawstring is white cotton tape that ties at the neck in the back. Bodice and waistband are lined with white cotton. Bodice closes at back with drawstring at neck and two hooks and eyes at waistband. Long one-piece sleeves curve in toward body of gown. Sleeves are full at top and are gathered along the top of the shoulder. Sleeves are joined to bodice with corded piping. Cuffs have 1 1/8″ hem with applied white lace along the edge. Bottom edge of skirt is scalloped and embroidered with flowers and leaves in whitework with openwork. Skirt placket was cut and the edges were hemmed. Side seams have selvages. The dress descended in the families of Isaac and John Moore of Warren, MA.

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