Date: 1836-1838

Artist: Cary, Boynton and Woodford

Materials: Tortoiseshell

Measurements: H (comb): 6 1/2"; W (comb): 8 1/4"

Comb and box. Comb with feather swirls and punched stars and foliage on an elaborately decorated shaft. Twenty-two teeth. Comb is curved almost into a semi-circle. The box is crescent-shaped with a cover and covered with blue paper. According to the donor, this comb was owned by Mary C. Allen Charles (b. 1804) who married Truman Charles in 1830. A printed label reads, “Cary, Boynton and Woodford, Manufacturers and Dealers in every description of Combs and Jewelry. Also, Importers of English and French Fancy Goods, Cutlery, Perfumery & c. 54 Washington Street, First Door North of the Post Office, Boston.” Pencilled under the label in script is “T[ruman]. Charles.” A note attached to the comb reads, “Tortoise shell comb owned by Mrs. Truman Charles…”

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