2011 News Clips

Telegram & Gazette 12/26/11 After-Christmas Fun

Boston Globe 12/26/11 To Do List - It Takes A Village

Telegram & Gazette 12/22/11 OSV Offers Dec. Vacation Week Activities

Telegram & Gazette 12/22/11 Winter Special

Ware River News 12/22/11 OSV Rings in the Holiday Cheer

Hartford Courant 12/22/11 Sledding, Museum Fun

Fall River Herald News 12/22/11 Enjoy these Fun Family Activities During Christmas Break

Telegram & Gazette 12/22/11 Five Things To Do

Easton Journal 12/22/11 OSV Gala - Barbara and Tony Cerce

Telegram & Gazette 12/19/11 Deck the Halls-Local Groups Offer up Last - Minute Ideas for Unique Christmas Gifts

Reminder 12/18/11 OSV Provides Fun During Winter Break

Lowell Sun 12/15/11 Mixing it up - How to Keep Kids Amused During School Vacation Week

Westwood Press 12/15/11 Local Sturbridge Trustee stirs it up -  OSV Gala

Newport Daily News 12/11/11 Portsmouth Couple Enters Gingerbread House Contest

Lincoln Journal 12/11/11 OSV Gala Exceeds Goal; Nets $91,000

Parenting NH 12/11/11 Old - Fashioned Holiday Fun

Ware River News 12/11/11 OSV Gala Exceeds Goal; Nets $91,000

Southbridge Evening News 12/11/11 Back in the Day

Telegram & Gazette 12/10/11 Victorian Carolers at OSV

Southbridge Evening News 12/09/11 OSV Christmas by Candlelight-Chat with Santa

Telegram Gazette 12/08/11 OSV holds Christmas by Candlelight Through Dec

Attleboro Sun Chronicle 12/08/11 Area Singers to Beat Sturbridge

Belchertown Sentinel 12/08/11 Tis the Season-Combined

Lancaster Times Courier 12/08/11 One sweet house

Wilbraham-Hampden Times 12/08/11 Wilbraham Residents Attend OSV Gala

Republican 12/08/11 Museum Stores Offer Rare Gifts

Chicopee Herald 12/07/11 OSV offers Visitors a Look at 19th Century Christmas

Suffield Patch 12/07/11 West Suffield Kids Visit Santa at OSV 

Reminder 12/05/11 OSV Offers Visitors a look at 19th Century Christmas

Telegram & Gazette 12/02/11 From Divine Drink to Food of the Gods

Easton Journal 12/02/11 OSV Gala-Barbara and Tony Cerce

Southbridge Evening News 11/30/11 Days of Old

Lynnfield Patch 11/29/11 Lynnfield Middle School Pioneer Singers to Perform at Old Sturbridge Village

Southbridge Evening News 11/25/11 OSV Gala Exceeds Goal - Nets $91K

West Hartford News 11/29/11 Christmas by Candlelight at OSV

Westborough Patch 11/27/11 Local Couple Supports Fundraising Efforts at Museum

Southborough Village 11/25/11 Old Sturbridge Village Gala-Northborough residents-Anthony and Sally Pini

Bolton Common 11/25/11 Locals Attend Gala-Bob and Alice Roemer

Waltham Tribune 11/25/11 Keeping Tabs-5 Great Reasons to Go Out-Thanksgiving at OSV

Palmer Register 11/24/11 Old Sturbridge Village-Holiday and Winter Events

Reminder 11/23/11 Old Stubridge Village Offers Traditional Holiday Fare-Thanksgiving

Harvard Crimson 11/23/11 Thanksgiving Fun in the Boston Region

Holden Landmark 11/23/11 Christmas by Candlelight at OSV

Springfield Republican 11/23/11 Massacusetts Cultural Facilities Fund to Support OSV

New Haven Register 11/23/11 OSV Hosts Christmas by Candlelight

Boston Globe 11/23/11 Pick of the Day-Out of the Past-Thanksgiving Weekend at OSV

Hartford Courant 11/23/11 Thanksgiving Travels

Shrewsbury Lantern 11/21/11 Shrewsbury Residents Come out to Support OSV Gala

New York Times 11/20/11 Pass the Venison. Wear Red. Thanksgiving, Re-enacted

Telegram & Gazette 11/19/11 OSV Receives Upgrade Grant

Dorchester Argus-Citizen 11/17/11 Thanksgiving Weekend at OSV

South Boston Tribune 11/17/11 Thanksgiving Weekend at OSV

Republican 11/17/11 Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick Awards Grants to Boost Cultural Attractions

Journal Inquirer 11/16/11 Recipe Exchange-Marlborough Pie-OSV Thanksgiving

Worcester Magazine 11/16/11 Old Sturbridge Village Hosts Christmas by Candlelight

Watertown Tab Press 11/15/11 Keeping Tabs-5 Great Reasons to Go Out-Thanksgiving at OSV

Pawtucket Times 11/12/11 Celebrate Thanksgiving 1830s-style at Old Sturbridge Village Nov. 24-26

Woonsocket Call 11/12/11 Celebrate Thanksgiving 1830s-style at Old Sturbridge Village

Boston Post Gazette 11/11/11 Thanksgiving at OSV

Worcester Magazine 11/10/11 Thanksgiving 1830s-style at OSV Nov. 24-26

The Dolphin 11/10/11 Free Veterans Day admission at OSV 

Hartford Courant 11/10/11 Family Fun-Evening of Illumination and Free Vet Day Events

Daily Messenger Canandaigua NY 11/09/11 OSV photo essay

Springfield Reminder 11/07/11 Celebrating Military Heritage

Waterbury Republican-American 11/05/11 An Evening of Illlumination

Southbridge Evening News 11/04/11 OSV set for Evening of Illumination Nov. 12

Hartford Courant 11/04/11 Special Deals for Veterans.

Southbridge Evening News 11/03/11 Trick-or-treating, Trail of Terror highlight spooky OSV event

Southbridge Evening News 11/02/11 Preparing the Pumpkins

Willimantic Chronicle 10/29/11 Teen goes Back in Time at OSV

Belchertown Sentinel 10/27/11 Back in Time

Tewksbury Town Crier 10/26/11 Free Admission for U.S. Military, Veterans and their Families at OSV Nov. 11

Springfield Republican 10/25/11 Halloween Offers Ghoulish Good Times for all Ages

Reminder 10/24/11 Things go Bump in the Night at OSV

Journal Inquirer 10/23/11 Fun for the Family-Revels Harvest Home at OSV

New Haven Register 10/23/11 Jaunts Around New England - OSV Evening of Illumination

Pawtucket Times 10/20/11 Things that Go Bump at Old Sturbridge Village

Hartford Courant 10/20/11 Mystic Seaport Winter Closing Plans Just 1 Strategy for tourist Attraction

Southbridge Evening News 10/19/11 Veterans get free OSV admission on Nov. 11

Taunton Gazette 10/17/11 Free Admission for U.S. Military, Veterans and their Families at OSV Nov. 11

Telegram and Gazette 10/16/11 OSV Reaching out to Active Military

Springfield Reminder 10/9/11 OSV Harvest Parties

Leominster Champion 10/7/11 Fall Harvest Celebrated as part of tradition New England history - Revels Harvest Home Musical Revue at OSV

Republican 10/5/11 Old Sturbridge Village Prepares for Fall Harvest

Courier Magazine 10/1/11 Where to go - Massachusetts - History for Land Lubbers

Group Tour Magazine 10/1/11 Itinerary - Massachusetts - Explore the Great Outdoors

Providence Journal 09/25/11 Food - R.I. Greening Apples at OSV

Southbridge Evening News 09/22/11 Evening Harvest Parties debut at OSV

Telegram & Gazette 09/18/11 Antique Wheels enthrall at OSV

Bus Tours Magazine 09/14/11 Delights in Central Massachusetts

Republican - American 09/10/11 Nonnewaug student portrays life in the 1830s

Falmouth Enterprise 09/09/11 Local Student Gains View of the Past as OSV Intern

Landmark 09/08/11 Rutland Resident is OSV intern

Telegram & Gazette 09/80/11 Agricultural Exhibition and Kids Free at OSV in Sept.

Ware River News 9/8/11 Local Intern Gains View of the Past at OSV

Montville Times 09/08/11 Re-enacting a Family Project

Hartford Courant 09/08/11 Explore Science, History for Free

Pawtucket Times 09/08/11 Old-Style Apples

Hartford Courant 09/09/11 Antiques at OSV

New York Times 09/08/11 Antiques - Fireside Rites on display

Daily times Chronicle 09/07/11 Sturbridge Village Fife & Drum Day Saturday

Skinner Blog Post 09/06/11 An Interview with Tom Kelleher, Curator at Old Sturbridge Village Part II

Patriot Ledger 09/03/11 Get Up and Go! Family Fun Days

Hartford Courant 09/02/11 Away from home - antiques at OSV

QUILTS JAPAN 09/01/11 OSV Quilt Collection

Journal of Antiques and Collectibles 09/01/11 By the fireside - On exhibit at Old Sturbridge Village

Sturbridge Times 09/01/11 OSV to host Edwardian era Motor gathering Sept. 17th

Hartford Courant 09/01/11 Family Fun Days - Fireworks

New England Antiques Journal  09/01/11 Old Sturbridge Village Hosts Fall Antiques Weekend

New England Antiques Journal 09/01/11 Gentrifying the Parlor - The Hearths of Old Sturbridge Village

1,000 Places To See Before You Die

Worcester Living Fall 2011 Out About Ken Burns Lifetime Achievement Award at OSV

Worcester Living Fall 2011 Best Day Trip Destination - OSV

Early American Life October 2011 Art for the Parlor

Chicopee Herald 08/31/11 Rare Edwardian era Cars on Display at OSV

Skinner Blog Post 08/30/11 Step Back in Time - Experience a 19th Century Parlor and Hearth

Springfield Republican 08/29/11 Village Readies for some Labor Day Fun

Reminder 08/29/11 Rare Edwardian Cars on Display at OSV

Coventry Courier 08/26/11 Re-enactor

Fall River Herald News 08/25/11 Free Fun Friday

Holyoke Sun 08/25/11 Antiques Weekend held at Old Sturbridge Village September 10-11

Metro West Daily News 08/25/11 Who Says Nothing in Life Is Free

Hartford Courant 08/23/11 Away from home - Antiques at OSV

Reminder 08/22/11 Old Sturbridge Village makes plans for Labor Day weekend festivities

Republican - American 08/19/11 New Notes - Decorating the Hearth, Antiques Appraisal at OSV

Republican - American 08/19/11 Decorating the Hearth at OSV

Woonsocket Call 08/17/11 Fife & Drum Day at Old Sturbridge Village Sept.10

Taunton Daily Gazette 08/13/11 Antiques Weekend at Old Sturbridge Village

Metro West Daily News 08/13/11 Learn how to weave [the old-school way] this weekend in Sturbridge

Boston Globe 08/12/11 Pick of the Day - Textile Weekend at OSV

Montville Times 08/11/11 Redcoats and Rebels Event

Stonington Times 08/11/11 Redcoats and Rebels

Chicopee Herald 8/10/11 OSV marks Textile Weekend with Host of Events

Taunton Daily Gazette 08/02/11 A Rich History of Textile Production

New London Day 08/08/11 Redcoats and Rebels Event

Reminder 08/08/11 OSV marks Textile Weekend

Boston Herald 08/06/11 Revolutionary War Re-enactmenteyed for OSV

South Coast Today-Standard Times 08/06/11 OSV hosts Revolutionary War Encampment

Nashua Telegraph 08/06/11 Hudson Group goes to Revolutionary War

Hartford Courant 08/05/11 Away From Home-Tours, Work shops and a Textile Weekend

Hartford Courant 08/05/11 Textile Weekend at OSV

Telegram & Gazette 08/04/11 Ten Things to Do - Riding Coach-OSV

Providence Journal 08/03/11 The Rhode Islander-Re-enacting the Revolutionary War at OSV

Reminder 08/01/11 Red Coats Rebels Re-enactment Comes to OSV

Michelin Green Guide USA 2011

Early American Life October 2011 Art for the Parlor

Hartford Courant 07/31/11 Connecticut Units Participating in Revolutionary War Re-enactment

Boston Globe South 07/31/11 Randolph man to lead re-enactment

Lexington Minuteman 07/28/11 Re-enactors take part in Red coats Rebels

Middleboro Gazette 07/28/11 Local Re-enactor in OSV Redcoats Rebels

Putnam Town Crier Northeast Ledger 7/28/11 Soldier

Gardner News 7/23/11 City Resident to Lead in OSV Re-enactment

Reminder News 7/22/11 Local group Learns about History the Old Fashioned Way

Pawtucket Times 07/19/11 Redcoats Rebels-OSV to Celebrate Annual Revolutionary War Re-enactment Aug.6-7

Boston Herald 07/17/11 Passing the Bucket

New England Antiques Journal 07/01/11 Fall Antiques Weekend at OSV

Republican 07/12/11 Fire Ice Greet Village Guests

Telegram & Gazette 07/11/11 On the Job-Rhys Simmons of OSV

Maine Antique Digest 07/01/11 Fall Antiques Weekend at OSV

Tantasqua Town Common 6/30/11 Fire and Ice Days at OSV

Reuters 06/30/11 Less July 4 sparkle as fireworks displays snuffed

NECN-TV 06/29/11 OSV cancels fire works

Fall River Herald News 06/29/11 Weekend Fireworks Canceled at OSV

Boston Globe 06/28/11 Tornado Debris and Related Flooding Forces Cancellation of July 3 Fireworks at OSV

Taunton Gazette 06/24/11 Celebrate Fire Fighters at OSV

Reminder 06/21/11 OSV to celebrate vintage Independence Day

Springfield Republican 06/21/11 Tornado Relief Dinner at OSV

Turley Publications 06/14/11 OSV Summer Events

Telegram & Gazette 06/14/11 OSV Plans Fund Raising Dinner at Oliver Wight Taven

Hartford Courant 06/09/11 Independence Day Celebrations Span Two Days At OSV

Hartford Courant 06/09/11 Muster Day at OSV

Republican 06/09/11 Sturbridge Village plans Muster Day

Guns & Patriots 06/07/11 Mass. Museum Recreates Muster Day

Boston Globe 06/05/11 Weekend Fun Guide 2011 Red coats Rebels

Milford Daily News 06/04/11 Check out antique cars today at OSV rally

Republican 06/02/11 20th-Century Cars at OSV

Telegram & Gazette 06/02/11 Picking up the pieces

Telegram & Gazette 06/26/11 Fireworks Canceled

Avon News - Avon couple takes 1929 Ford to OSV antique car rally June 4

USA TODAY 05/31/11 Sight seeing Between Boston New York City

Auburn News 05/28/11 Auburn residents participating in OSV Car Rally

Fall River Herald News 05/26/11 Wooly Weekend

Agawam Advertiser News 05/26/11 Sturbridge Village to host Antique Car Rally

Metro West Daily News 05/26/11 Shear Fun

Boston Globe 05/26/11 Wool Days at OSV

Hartford Courant 05/25/11 Wool Days This Weekend

Grafton News 05/25/11 OSV Hosts First Antique Car Rally June 4

Telegram & Gazette 05/24/11 Ten Things to Do - OSV Shear Fun

Hartford Courant 05/23/11 Wool Days at OSV

Telegram & Gazette 05/22/11 Out About - Ken Burns Award

Hartford Courant 5/20/11 Tomato - Plant Give Away

Boston Globe 05/19/11 Waterston given Life Honor

USA Today 05/17/11 Across the USA-Sam Waterston

ABC6.com 05/15/11 Actor Waterston Honored by Burns at Mass. Museum

Canadian Press 05/15/11 Oscar-nominated actor Sam Waterston to get award from Ken Burns at OSV

Boston Herald 05/15/11 Actor Sam Waterston Honored by Burns at Mass.Museum

Boston Globe 05/15/11 Actor Waterston Honored by Burns at Mass. Museum

Telegram & Gazette  05/13/11 Sam Waterston Logs another Honor

Republican 05/12/11 Actor Sam Waterston to be issued Ken Burns Award at OSV

Litchfield County Times 05/05/11 Burns Honors Waterston

Telegram & Gazette 04/28/11 Sam Waterston to Receive Ken Burns award at OSV

Boston Globe 04/18/11 OSV to give Free Pass to Moms

Hartford Courant 04/14/11 School Vacation Week

Group Tour Magazine 04/01/11 Timeless Tours

Telegram & Gazette 04/11/11 Horns in Stereo

Metro West Daily News 04/03/11 Museums and Exhibits see Attendance Increase

Telegram & Gazette 04/03/11 Attendance Rises

Auction Central News 3/24/11 Attendance surges 12 Percent at OSV

Fitchburg Sentinel 03/23/11 Enterprise

Patriot Ledger 03/23/11 Sturbridge Village Attendance Rising

Daily Times Chronicle 03/23/11 OSV has Attendance Surge

Telegram & Gazette 03/23/11 Visits are Up

Republican 03/23/11 Attendance up

Providence Journal 03/23/11 Village attracts more Visitors

Boston Business Journal 03/23/11 Attendance up at OSV

Boston Globe 03/23/11 OSV Reports Attendance Rise

WWLP.com 03/22/11 OSV Attendance Surges

ABC 6 3/22/11 Mass. Living History Museum has Attendance Surge

WTEN.com 03/22/11 Mass. Living History Museum has Attendance Surge

Springfield Republican 03/17/11 Garden Work Shop to Focus on Vegetables

Fall River Herald News 03/05/11 Maple Days

Hartford Courant 03/03/11 Maple Sugaring

Republican 03/03/11 Sturbridge Village prepares for Maple Days

Providence Journal 03/03/11 Tours of maple-sugaring woods are about to begin

New England Antiques Journal 03/01/11 Rating New Englend and Quilts-The Perfect 10

Antiques & The Arts Weekly - 03/25/11 Forum Will Highlight Quilts

Nashua Telegraph 02/20/11 Maple Days at OSV

Boston Globe 02/20/2011 Flee the Cold for the Fun Inside

Hartford Courant 02/17/11 Plenty to do during School Vacation

Republican 02/12/11 Be Mine at OSV

Hartford Courant 02/11/11 Away From Home - Chocolate and Valentines

Reminder 02/09/11 OSV Explores Valentines Day History

Republican 02/08/11 Out for a Ride - Gov. Patrick visits OSV

Southbridge Evening News 02/08/11 Patrick Pays Visit to OSV

Telegram & Gazette 02/07/11 A Walker that Powers Runners

Boston Herald 02/06/11 Political Horse Power Photo Caption

Taunton Daily Gazette 02/04/11 Governor to Test the Cold at OSV

Metro West Daily News 02/04/11 Governor to Test the Cold at OSV

Dedham Daily Transcript 02/03/11 Governor to test the cold at OSV

Hartford Courant 02/03/11 Family Events Sleigh Rally

South Coast Today 02/03/11 Sturbridge holds Sleigh Rally Saturday

Abington Mariner 02/03/11 Governor to test the cold at OSV

Taunton Gazette 02/02/11 New chocolate and valentine event at OSV Feb.12-13

Telegram & Gazette 02/01/11 Sturbridges Quinn Wins best chef award

Early Homes Spring - Summer 2011 Hands - On - OSV

Hartford Courant 1/31/11 Sleigh Rally

Reminder 01/31/11 OSV to Host Sleigh Rally, Skate Exhibit

Worcester Business Journal 01/31/11 Leading A Turn around At OSV

Nashua Telegraph 01/30/11 Horse - drawn sleigh rally at OSV

Taunton Sunday Gazette 01/30/11 Skates and Sleighs at OSV Feb.5

Metro West Daily News 01/30/11 Jingle All the Way

Journal Inquirer 01/27/11 Chill out at OSV

Reminder 01/26/11 Fire and Ice Days to take place at OSV

Telegram & Gazette 01/24/11 Indian Doctress Molly Geet at OSV

Indian Country Today 01/22/11 Winter Traditions Event This Weekend

Waterbury Republican - American 01/21/11 Sturbridge Village offers horse - drawn sleigh rides

Telegram & Gazette 01/21/11 Old-Fashioned Roof Repair

West Hartford News 01/20/11 Native American Traditions

Republican 01/18/11 OSV Plans to Bring old - Time Winter Wonder Land to Life

Milford Daily News 01/18/11 OSV celebrates Algonkian winter traditions

Boston Globe 01/17/11 "Mumbet"

South Coast Today - Standard Times 1/13/10 OSV Re-tells an Inspiring Story

New Bedford Standard - Times 1/13/11 Re-telling an Inspiring Story

Worcester Magazine 01/12/11 Two Minutes with Tammy Denease

Reminder 01/10/11 OSV Offers Free Kids Admision, MLK Day Event

Attleboro Sun Chronicle 01/6/11 Kids Free at OSV - Honoring Slave Heroine "Mumbet"

Hartford Courant 01/09/11 Kids Free at OSV This Month - MLK Day Program

Nashua Telegraph 01/09/11 Martin Luther King Jr .Day at OSV Jan.17

Springfield Republican 01/02/11 Slaves Tale to be Told

Springfield Republican 01/02/11 Quilted Treasures Pattern Rich Past

Maine Antique Digest 01/01/11 Antique Quilts from OSV