2010 News Clips

Hartford Courant 12/30/10 Retail Deals for New Years Day

Southwick Suffield News 12/24/10 Keep the Kids Busy - School Vacation Week at OSV

Hartford Courant 12/23/10 Family Events Galore During Holiday Vacation Week

Telegram & Gazette 12/23/10 Ten Things to Do - School Vacation Snowdays

Boston Herald 12/22/10 OSV Offers School Vacation Activities

Reminder 12/22/10 OSV Offers School Vacation Activities

Reminder 12/20/10 OSV Offers School Vacation Activities

Hudson Sun 12/20/10  OSV Hosts Christmas by Candlelight

Millbury-Sutton Chronicle 12/16/10 OSV to Entertain Over Winter Break

Sun 12/16/10 Keep the Kids Busy During School Vacation at OSV

The Herald News 12/15/10 Enjoy Christmas by Candlelight at OSV

OneNewEngland.com 12/15/10 Christmas by Candlelight

Telegram.com 12/12/10 A Piece of History - Warm up at OSV Quilt Exhibit

Telegram & Gazette 12/12/10 A Piece of History - Warm up at OSV Quilt Exhibit

OneNewEngland.com 12/09/10 Christmas by Candlelight

Reminder 12/06/10 Old Sturbridge Harvests Most Important Cash Crop

Springfield Republican 12/03/10 Holiday Guide-Christmas Cheer - Not for the Puritans

Southwick Suffield News 12/03/10 OSV to Host Christmas by Candlelight

Putnam Villager 12/02/10 Out in the Open Air

Millbury-Sutton Chronicle 12/02/10 Santa and Sutton Resident Eric Johnson at Christmas by Candlelight

Providence Journal 12/02/10 A Merry Christmas in Other Times, Other Places

Your Smithfield Magazine 12/01/10 Experience 19th Century Home, Hearth and Warm Winter

Student Group Tour Magazine 12/01/10 City Focus Pioneer Valley

Worcester Living 12/01/10 Out About OSV Gala

Lowell Sun 11/28/10 History Comes to Life for TMHS

Milton Record-Transcript 11/26/10 OSV Antique Quilt Exhibit

The Sun 11/25/10 OSV re-creates an 1830s Thanksgiving

Springfield Republican 11/25/10 Tasty Tradition

Register 11/25/10 Christmas by Candlelight - OSV Explains Holiday Traditions

Country Journal 11/25/10 OSV re-creates an 1830s Thanksgiving

South Coast Today 11/25/10 OSV Exhibit Includes Local Quilts

Reminder 11/24/10 Christmas by Candlelight at OSV

Chicopee Herald 11/24/10 Christmas by Candlelight at OSV

Boston Globe 11/24/10 Hold the Turkey

Reminder 11/22/10 Christmas by Candlelight at OSV

Springfield Republican 11/19/10 Recipes Window to America's Past

Southwick Suffield News 11/19/10 OSV Re-creates an 1830s Thanksgiving

Sturbridge Villager 11/19/10 American Girls Fashion Show

Sturbridge Villager 11/19/10 Before pop-up Turkey Timers - OSV Offers  Glimpse of Early American Thanksgiving

Sturbridge Villager 11/19/10 OSV Museum Extends Contract of CEO Jim Donahue to 2014

South Boston Tribune 11/18/10 OSV Antique Quilt Exhibit

Fox 61 CTNow.com 11/18/10 Rediscover Marlborough Pudding

Hartford Courant 11/18/10 Rediscover Marlborough Pudding

Wilbraham-Hampden Times 11/18/10 Christmas by Candlelight - OSV Explains Holiday Traditions

Dorchester Argus Citizen 11/18/10 OSV Antique Quilt Exhibit

Hyde Park Tribune 11/18/10 OSV Antique Quilt Exhibit

Boston Herald 11/17/10 Thanksgiving to be re-created at OSV

Providence Journal 11/11/10 Sturbridge Gives Thanks

Worcester Magazine 11/11/10 Vintage Veterans

Providence Journal 11/10/10 Go! Go! Veterans Day at OSV

The Boston Globe 11/10/10 Saluting our Veterans

Taunton Gazette 11/10/10 Enjoy Thanksgiving 1830s-style at OSV

Hartford Courant 11/07/10 Life after Slavery Tells Clo Pratt's Story

Telegram & Gazette 11/07/10 Historian focuses on less familiar faces

Hartford Courant 11/6/10 The Village in Winter

Hartford Courant 11/06/10 OSV in Winter

South Coast Today 11/04/10 MLK Jr. Day Events

BostonGlobe.com 11/04/10 Kids free in Jan at OSV

Daily NewsTribune 11/04/10 Martin Luther King Jr. Day at OSV

Warwick Beacon 11/04/10 A Step Back in to Time as Close as Sturbridge

Worcester Magazine 11/04/10 Time Travel-Dinner in a Country Village

Auburn News 11/03/10 American Girls fashion show aids OSV field trip fund

Telegram & Gazette 11/03/10 Preserving winter day as thing of beauty

Group Tour Magazine 11/01/10 What once was - Old Sturbridge Village

Billerica Minuteman 11/01/10 Billerica Girls Model for Sturbridge Village

Worcester Living Holiday - Winter 2010 An Open Hearth Thanksgiving

Boston Herald 10/30/10 Village Genius

Telegram & Gazette 10/29/10 OSV Extends CEO's Contract

Boston.com 10/29/10 OSV Extends CEO's Contract

Springfield Republican 10/28/10 Thrills Abound for Halloween Fright Fans

Milford Daily News 10/25/10 OSV Celebrates Veterans

Southbridge Evening News 10/22/10 Tantasqua Students Raising the Roof at OSV

Telegram & Gazette 10/21/10 Old Fashioned Roof Repair

Hartford Courant 10/17/10 Resident Chosen as American Girl Model

Westborough News 10/15/10 Area Girl to model in American Girl Fashion Shows

Waterbury Republican American 10/14/10 Celebrating the Harvest - OSV brings visitors back to the 1800s

Attleboro Sun Chronicle 10/11/10 Area Girls are in Fashion Show

Southbridge Evening News 10/12/10 Area Girls to model American Girl Fashions at OSV

Milford Daily News 10/12/10 Local girls to model American Girl fashions to benefit OSV

Telegram & Gazette 10/12/10 $15,000 from Hanover Boosts OSV Ed. program

Telegram & Gazette10/10/10 The Thrill of Victory

Antiques and the Arts Weekly 10/08/10 "Convenient and Fashionable: Furniture of Inland Massachusetts"

Telegram & Gazette 10/08/10 Taking Down Winters Scruffy Growth

Tewksbury Town Crier 10/6/10 Harvest Days at OSV Oct.16-17

Telegram & Gazette 10/3/10 Snowy day photos at OSV

Lincoln Journal 09/30/10 Lincoln Couple Attends OSV Event

Jamaica Plain Citizen 09/30/10 Apple Days at OSV

Manchester Journal Inquirer 09/29/10 Apple Days at OSV

Southbridge Evening News 09/28/10 Raising hay for Freeman Farm

Springfield Reminder 09/27/10 OSV Prepares for Apple Days

Nashua Telegraph 09/26/10 Taste of History at OSV

South Boston Tribune 09/23/10 Apple Days at OSV

Providence Journal 09/22/10 Food Notes - Apple Days

Taunton Gazette 09/16/10 Village in Autumn

Suncook-Hooksett Banner 09/16/10 Teen takes Part in Internship Program

Patriot Ledger 09/16/10 OSV Will Present an Agricultural Fair

Brockton Enterprise 09/16/10 OSV to Host an Agricultural Fair

Taunton Gazette 09/13/10 Agricultural Exhibition at OSV

Taunton Gazette 09/04/10 Fife and Drum companies converge on Sturbridge

Hyde Park Tribune 09/02/10 Free Stage Coach at OSV - Curious George

Telegram & Gazette 09/02/10 Ten Things to Do-Batter Up Family Fun Weekend

Metro West Daily News 09/02/10 Family Fun - Curious George and free rides

New England Antiques 09/1/10 Journal OSV Presents Ceramics

Hartford Courant 08/29/10 Free Stage Coach and River Boat Rides at OSV

Landmark 08/28/10 Free Stage Coach and River Boat rides at OSV

Republican 8/26/09 Resumes look great from Old Sturbridge

Hartford Courant 08/26/10 OSV Offers Free Stage Coach and Boat Rides

Boston.com 08/20/10 Sturbridge Stage Coach is Offering Free Rides

Telegram & Gazette 08/15/10 Textile Weekend - Community Calendar

The Sun 08/12/10 Spanish Language Tours Offered at OSV

Telegram & Gazette 08/10/10 Re-enactment Brings History into Focus

Telegram & Gazette  08/06/10 OSV en Espanol

Lynn Item 08/06/10 Lynn resident enjoys role as war re-enactor

Norwell Mariner 08/05/10 Norwell residents involved in re-enacting the Revolutionary War

The Sentinel 08/05/10 Spanish Tours at OSV

Shrewsbury Chronicle 08/4/10 Shrewsbury student chosen for OSV billboards

Salem News 08/03/10 The Rebels are coming

Republican 08/03/10 Red Coats and Rebels Meet at OSV

Scituate Mariner 08/02/10 Spanish language Tours Offered at OSV

Lowell Sun 08/01/10 Living History - Local re-enactors head to OSV

Taunton Gazette 07/30/10 OSV Offers Spanish Language Tours

Athol Daily News 07/29/10 Local Military Re-enactors at OSV -Baldwinville Unit Part of Re-enactment

Millbury Sutton Chronicle 07/29/10 Sutton Residents to fight back Redcoats

Tantasqua Town Common 07/29/10 Spanish Language Tours Offered at Living History Museum

Taunton Daily Gazette 07/28/10 Local Military Re-enactors Lead Charge at OSV

Southbridge Evening News 07/28/10 The Accent's on Inclusion - OSV Offers Tours in Spanish

Southbridge Evening News 07/27/10 OSV Now Offering Tours en Espanol

Lexington Minuteman 07/23/10 O'Shaughnessy to lead British regiment in re-enactment

Antiques & The Arts Weekly 07/23/10 Collectors' Forum at OSV to Highlight Ceramics

Harvard Post 07/23/10 Intern Lizzie Douglas

Billerica Minuteman 07/22/10 History Comes Alive

SturbridgeTimes Aug.2010 OSV Announces new Spanish-language Tour Program

Telegram & Gazette 07/18/10 Mustering up Muscle Power

Boston Herald 07/18/10 Cool Moves - Fire & Ice

Boston Globe 07/13/10 Bay State Greats

Springfield Republican 7/10/10 Salem Towne House at OSV gets Historically Accurate make Over

Pawtucket Times 07/06/10 Fire & Ice Firemans Muster at OSV

Woonsocket Call 07/06/10 Fire & Ice Firemans Muster at OSV

Hartford Courant 07/05/10 Fire! For the Fourth

Boston Globe 07/03/10 Light Up the Village

Lowell Sun 07/01/10 Steppin' Out for the Fourth

Metro West Daily News 07/01/10 Historic Independence Day

Boston.com 07/01/10  Go To It - What to do this weekend - Fireworks at OSV

Hartford Courant 06/28/10 Fireworks and More

Telegram & Gazette 06/25/10 Red Sox Kid Nation Day at OSV

Telegram & Gazette 06/24/10 Table Hoppin' - Red Sox Kid Nation Day and Brunch

Springfield Republican 06/21/10 Field of 5,000 Flags at OSV

Hartford Courant 06/10/10 Savvy Shopper - Muster Day at OSV

Worcester Magazine 06/10/10 Fairs and Festivals - Red Coats and Rebels

Family Motor Coaching 06/01/10 Living History - OSV

Yankee Magazine 06/01/10 Best of N.E.Top 20 Mass. Events - Redcoats & Rebels

Worcester Living June 2010 The List - Muster Day

Springfield Republican 05/30/10 Lifetime Achievement Award

Providence Journal 05/30/10 You'll say Wooly Bully in Sturbridge

Milton Record-Transcript 05/28/10 Memorial Day Weekend at OSV

Boston Globe 05/27/10 Wool Days at OSV

Reminder 05/27/10 OSV Prepares for Memorial Day Weekend Full of Family - Friendly Fun

Worcester Business Journal 05/24/10 DIGITAL DIVA - OSV Facebook page

Telegram & Gazette 05/23/10 Award Dinner at OSV - Out & About

Boston Globe 05/22/10 History Shines on Goodwin

Hartford Courant 05/22/10 Quick Takes - Free Heirloom Tomato Plant at OSV on Saturday

Springfield Republican 05/21/10 Treasured Heirlooms - Free Tomato Plants at OSV

Telegram & Gazette 05/21/10 People Places and Things -Doris Kekarns Goodwin and Ken Burns

Hartford Courant 05/20/10 Tomatoes With Java

Boston Globe 5/20/10 Goodwin feted

Providence Journal 05/19/10 Free Tomato Plants at OSV

Pawtucket Times 05/18/10 Wool days Coming to OSV

New Haven Register 05/17/10 Baa Baa Black Sheep

Telegram & Gazette 05/16/10 Making History Personal

Cape Cod Sunday Times 05/16/10 Lifetime Achievement

Springfield Republican 05/16/10 Historian to be Honored

Telegram & Gazette 05/16/10 Making history personal

Springfield Republican 05/15/10 Presidential Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin to receive Ken Burns Lifetime Achievement Award at OSV

Hartford Courant 05/06/10 A Host of Events Pay Tribute to Mom

Taunton Gazette 05/04/10 Kearns Goodwin to be Honored May 20 at OSV

Hartford Courant 05/04/10 Mother's Day Specials for that Someone Special

Boston Globe 04/27/10 Discoveries abound in Sturbridge this Weekend

Boston Herald 04/22/10 Kids on the Lamb in Sturbridge

Boston Globe 04/22/10 Spring Back in Time

Springfield Republican 04/20/10 Doris Kearns Goodwin to be Honored by Filmmaker Ken Burns and OSV

Athol Daily News 04/18/10 OSV Receives Newborn Lambs

Telegram & Gazette 04/15/10 Ceremony Heralds Return of 1833 Bell

Jamaica Plain Citizen 04/15/10 School Vacation at OSV

Springfield Reminder 04/12/10

Hartford Courant 04/11/10 School Vacation Weeksat OSV

Valley Breeze 04/07/10 Antique Bonnets on Display

Motor Home July 04/01/10

Springfield Republican 03/30/10 Editorial - OSV Marks Turn Around

Boston Globe 03/28/10 Places to Test a Childs Zest in Years, Centuries or Millennia

Boston.com 03/28/10 Places to Test a Childs Zest

Springfield Republican 03/26/10 Museum Ends 2009 in the Black

Boston Globe 03/26/10  OSV Ends Year in Black

Daily Times Chronicle 03/25/10 OSV Ends Year in the Black

Telegram & Gazette 03/25/10 OSV Rebounds

Associated Press-Mass Live 03/25/10 OSV Ends Year in the Black 

Headline highlights 03/23/10 OSV Ends year in the Black

Telegram & Gazette 03/23/10 A Tip of the Hat to Spring Bonnets

Boston Globe 03/23/10 OSV had Strong Budget Year

Lowell Sun 03/18/10 Sittin' Pretty - Bonnet Exhibit

Boston Globe 03/17/10 A TANK AWAY - Sturbridge

New Bedford Standard - Times 03/11/10 Spring time

South Coast Today 03/11/10 Spring Time

NECN blog 03/06/10 The Sugar is Running this Weekend

Boston Globe 03/06/10 Sugar, Sugar

Springfield Republican 03/04/10 Maple Madness

Telegram & Gazette 03/01/10 Old Sturbridge Survival -Editorial

Bus Tours Magazine 03/01/10 Educational and Historic Endeavors -OSV

Journal Inquirer 02/24/10 Sweet life at OSV

Boston Globe  2/21/10 A Recipe for Authenticity

Community Advocate 2/19/10 Maple Sugar-Making Process to be Highlighted in March at OSV

Taunton Sunday Gazette 2/14/10 Grand to Speak on Animal Behavior, Autism

Telegram & Gazette 02/16/10 Popping into Another Century

Metro West Daily News 02/04/10 Skate back to the 1830s at OSV

Republian-American 01/09/10 History meets History

Curatedmag.com 01/07/10 Convenient Fashionable Federal Furniture at OSV